Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the program cost?

    $200 for the 17 sessions running October through March.

Are there any other charges I can expect to incur?
    There are no other required costs associated with the program at this time.  All equipment will be provided by the club.

Where is Broomstones?
    Broomstoens is located at 1 Curling Way in Wayland MA.  If you are using a GPS to get to the club please use the address 138 Rice Road, Wayland     MA.

What is Curling?
    For an explanation of curling please click here.

What do I need to bring/wear in order to curl?
    You should wear loose fitting warm clothing and dress in layers.  Sweat pants, a sweatshirt work best.  You also should wear clean sneaker-type            shoes.

Do I have other privileges within Broomstones if I join the Homeschool Program?
    No.  Joining the homeschool league affords you no other privelages. 

Can I drop off my child?
    Yes.  We do ask that you return on time to pick them up.

What about siblings?
    Younger siblings are more than welcome to enjoy our spacious warm room.  We have cable TV and Wi-Fi access.  There are also several large tables     for use.

Where can I wait for my child?
    In our spacious warm room.  From there you will have full view of the ice as well as access to cable TV and Wi-Fi.

As a member of the program will I be able to enter tournaments (bonspiels)?
    Not at this time.  We are looking at this option in the future.

Will I be able to use the kitchen at Broomstones?
    We do have a full kitchen, but we ask that you only use it for storage and small food prep, i.e., no use of the oven or stove.

Does Brooomstones have Wi-Fi access?

Do we really need to stay for lunch?
    Socializing after curling is a very important part of the game.  In respect to this tradition, we ask that all participants bring a bag lunch and enjoy the        company.  During this time, some off ice instruction will be given.

Why such a strict age policy?
    Like any sport, there is a certain level of physical ability needed.  Curling stones weigh 42 pounds and it is not until about age 12 years that children         have the size/ability to throw the stones properly the length of the ice.  Younger children need to be taught differently and although it is something we      might offer in the future, we are unable to offer this option now.

What is your refund policy?
    Full refunds will be given until Oct. 1st.  After that date there will be no refunds.